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Judge Dredd with Basques and Catalans, Jesse James with Spanish establishment

S-Pain is in big troubles. Not only with the Eurogroup or with saying the word “Bailout”. Economy is very important. Through months and years Spanish system has become unsustainable because of its dependency on bricks and tourism. With the fiscal spoliation of Balearic Islands or Catalonia the fiscal balances were compensated in the core of the state, in Madrid. This situation configured a paradox, where Basques had an industrial participation in GDP on 25%. Germany is on 22%. Spain is on 15%. To explain the spoliation it has to be said that for 100 Euro given in taxes, returned to Balearic Islands 53 only. In Catalan case they were 68 Euro. One of the most powerful motors of the Spanish state, Catalonia, had to see more than 15 billions of Euro every year leave Catalonia for never return home. But this is the surface, the background is Human Rights. (más…)

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